Treasure Path Booklets

The Soul Winner's Series is an in-depth memorization and discipleship program for churches and believers.

Each booklet is designed to be carried around and reviewed. In a group setting (up to 3 people recommended) a listener signs off on completed assignments once all of the verses are quoted from memory. Helpful suggestions at the beginning and end of the books explain how this group should work. Beginning with "Treasure Path to Soul Winning" this series develops the discipline of and an appreciation for Scripture memory.

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Treasure Path to Soul Winning

"Treasure Path to Soul Winning" presents more than 60 verses in thirty-six assignments and the method to learn these verses within a group with the purpose of developing soul winners. The greatest asset to the soul winner is to be able to put his finger on the necessary verse of Scripture with the help of the Holy Spirit, as the need arises. This sixty-page booklet is a discipleship curriculum for evangelism. "Treasure Path" is the cornerstone edition in the "Soul Winner's" series written by J.O. Grooms.

Soul Winner's Blessed Hope

"Blessed Hope" digs into the second-coming of Christ. Fifty-two assignments and more than 150 verses encourage the believer to anticipate and look forward to this glorious event. Scriptures prompt learners to action. This study is completed by the ten-step walk-through of the Gospel for soul winners and practical steps believers and pastors can take to share their faith in their community

Soul Winner's Fast

"Soul-Winner's Fast" presents reasons for fasting and models of practicing this classic discipline from Scripture. With twenty-four assignments and more than 100 verses, this study walks people through the foundations of fasting. Looking at how the Bible describes fasts and why God commanded His people to observe fasts helps make it more practicable. An essay on fasting and a ten-step description of the gospel round up this valuable booklet.

Soul Winner's Overcome Temptations

"Overcome Temptations" addresses the daily spiritual battle believers face. With twenty-four assignments and more than 100 verses, the handbook teaches the soul winner to apply 2 Corinthians 10:5 by "taking every thought captive". Addressing common temptations and placing daily decisions in context of a spiritual battle is important for the soul winner.

Soul Winner's Paradise

"Soul-Winner's Paradise" is chock-full of verses that demonstrate the way believers can live a spirit-filled life here and now. Exploring the importance of memorizing Scripture and sharing the Gospel, "Paradise" puts the believer's life in perspective. Twenty-four assignments with more than 100 verses capture the key reasons these two practices are important in the truly complete life of believers.

Soul Winner's Prayer Life

"Prayer Life" contains forty-eight assignments with almost 150 verses selected to encourage the soul winner to have an effective discipline of meaningful prayer. Three sections describe "how to pray", "for whom should we pray", and "who prays and gets God''s attention." These verses echo a desire for a spirit of prayer to come on believers and begin a revival that brings many to Christ as we anticipate his return.

La Senda Dorada A La Memorizacion Biblica

Spanish-language version of "Treasure Path to Soul Winning".